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Real Estate : Meaning, Types, Investment & 7 Returns

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Real Estate:

Meaning & Definition: Real Estate means a real property that can be touch and its value will be grow up and down and it can not be move from one place to another place, immovable property called a Real Estate e.g. Land, flats, factory, buildings etc.

7 Types of Real Estate


Residential Real estate mean a property which can use for residential purpose only, other uses can be done but it is not allowed by government. According to land laws it can be use only for residential purpose.

Type of Residential Property:

A. House/Home

B. Residential Plot

C. Raw House

D. Studio Apartment

E. Flats

F. Villa

G. Duplex House

H. Simplex House

I. Kothi

J. Farm House

K. Apartments


Commercial Real Estate means the property that can be use for business purpose e.g shop, office etc..

Type of Commercial Property:

A. Retail Shop

B. Office

C. Banquet Hall/Marriage Home


Industrial real estate means that the property can be use for Industrial purpose only, means a property where you can make a building or shade for manufacturing of products to sale in the entire market e.g. steel manufacturing unit, plastic items manufacturing units etc.

Types of Industrial Property:

A. Polluted Industrial Area Land

B. Non Polluted Industrial Area Land

C. Small Industries Area

D. Heavy Industrial Area


Agricultural real estate means the real estate that can be use only for agricultural use only, can be use for farming only e.g. cropping, Fish palan, Poultry farm etc…

Type of Agricultural Property

A. Pure Agricultural property can use only for growing crops

B. Farming land that can be use for poultry farm, fish palan.


Institutional real estate means that the property or land can be use for institute purpose only e.g. school, college, university, IT Offices, ITSEZ etc..

Public Property:

Public property means that property or real estate that developed by the government for use of public e.g. park, bus stop shade, railway station, government school, colleges, university, community hall, government hospitals etc…

Government Property:

Government property means the real estate property buildings that owned by government and constructed by the government and only can be use for government office purpose only e.g. Parliament, Income tax office, Defence office etc..



Type of Real Estate

Real Estate Investment & Returns:

Real estate investment is good for excellent return but it is not sure that it will give you always extra perks some time it grow up but very slow moving upward curve. The investment in real estate is always safe and secure because in other investment options there is much more chance for up and down e.g. stock exchange, jewellery, bonds etc.. in the form of metal like jewellery there a steeling fear always in the mind of investors. but in real estate it can not be steel and can not be theft by others so it is more safe and secure.

Suggestion for better return: In real estate the best way to invest for more return always look about the information of government future development plan and buy property near by this particular areas.

Real Estate Agent:

Real Estate agent means that a person or a company or a firm who do a business to deal in real estate or to sale or rent or purchase of real estate.

What is Real Estate?

Meaning of Real Estate in Hindi:

Meaning of Real Estate:

Real Estate as you can understand by name real means fact satya that can feel by touch and estate means property valuable things, but here property means in real estate is immovable property that can not be move, it is fix, like land, house, flat, plot, shop, office etc…

That is called real estate, property that can not move one place to another place.

What is real Estate Business?

Real Estate Business:

Real Estate business is that kind of business in which only real estate related activity done, like construction of building, developing colonies, sale, purchase and renting services provided by the business owner in real estate.

Real Estate Companies:


Real Estate companies are those companies who is involve to do the business of construction of building, developing of colonies, sale, purchase and renting of the immovable property. Such kind of real estate companies examples are

DLF, Omaxe group, ATS, Ashiana Homes, Ramprastha Urban development pvt ltd, Mahagun India Pvt ltd, Gaur sons, Gulshan Homz, Paramount Group, Aba Corp, Prateek Group,Godrej, Tata, Shapoorji Pallonji, bullmen realty, goldmines, Welcome, Prop Shop Etc…

Real Estate Agents Near Me:

Real estate Agents near you you can search by just a click away…who deals in real estate near by you..

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Real Estate Agent in Noida Extension

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Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent in Greater Noida

Real Estate Logo:

Real Estate Ads & Real Estate Advertising:

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Frequently asked questions:

Q. Is real estate is safe investment?

A. Yes, investment in Real estate is a safe investment.

Q. Where should be invest in real estate?

A. For investment purpose in real estate always use commercial property or plots.

Q. Is real estate is a growing industry?

A. Yes,  it is a growing industry.

Q. Is property should be purchase through a real estate agent?

A. Yes. it always give you the benefits.

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    Prime location & Connectivity

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    Prime location & Connectivity

    Nice location and connectivity of this project M3M noida sector 94

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    Prime location & Connectivity

    Nice location and connectivity of this project M3M noida sector 94

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