Farm House

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What is Farm House? 

Farm house a part of land that can be use for farming only and its 10% part can be use for residential puspose for take caring of the farming. its minimum size should be 1 bigha it depend on state to state of place to place where one bigha is how much square yards. Condition is this that is must be 1 bigha minimum land to call a farm house. its registry will be in agriculture land and plus 10% kachha construction with stamp duty paid for both agriculture and construction part of the land.

The stamp duty depend on state to state rules.

The different meaning of farm house is that this word is also use for a wedding place also known for  marriage gathering ceremony. Where you can make a party for other occasion also that is also called a farm house.

Farm House 

Farm House Plans & Design

Modern Form House:

Modern Farm house is a luxurious place where a rich person spent their spare time for entertainment and to feel relax.

Modern Farm House Plans

Modern Farm House with all amenties


Farm House Decor:


Modern farm house is very nice decorated and designed for luxury point of view.

Decoration like a villa or kothi.

MineCraft Farm House 

Modern Farm house plans

Demand of Farm House:

Now days farm house is very demanding real estate product not even Delhi NCR but entire India. Everyone want a farm house or cottage for entertainment for their holiday destination, where they can enjoy with their family and friends.

Farm House for sale in Goa

Farm House

Farm House for Sale:

Farm can buy or can sale in Entire India. These days Noida & Greater Noida is a dentination of Farm houses, lots of farm house projects available for sale in Noida and Greater Noida. Delhi is also keen for farm house but in Delhi too much costly.

Farm house for sale in Delhi.

Farm house available for sale in Greater Noida and Noida.

Farm house for sale in Goa in different different beach.

Farm house for sale in Dehradun on best price and best location.

Farm house for sale in Nainital in the hills and in the lap of environment.

Farm house for sale in Gurgaon & Gurugram.

Farm house for sale in Sonipat haryana.

Farm house for sale in Faridabad.

Farm house for sale in Ghaziabad.

Farm house for sale on cheap price in Hapur.

Farm house for sale in minimum price in Meerut.

Farm House In Goa & Dehradun

Legal Aspect of Farm House:

As per legal aspect farm house is 100% Legal but due to some other reason in Noida some farm house projects was destroyed by the goverment because of doob Kshetra near to Yamuna River. But it was also legal because they formed for farm house only not for residing purpose or concrete construction, that is why they also legal.

Government stand some other things that can not be explained by the government and government should be cleared it why the farm land not can be use for farming?

Farm House In Goa & Dehradun

Farm house Available for sale:

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