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What is carpet area?

Carpet area is the area where an external wall to wall from all side of the apartment or flat called a carpet area in this according to a builder or developer internal walls included. Or in other words you can say that usable area in the flat or apartment is called carpet area.


Carpet area meaning or means:

Carpet area means or meaning is that in an apartment you can use or usable area called carpet area even in the balcony.

Carpet Area According to RERA:

According to RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) carpet area is that area in an apartment ne usable floor area plus the internal walls, excludes area of external walls, shaft, balcony, varandah and open terrace area.

The calculation of carpet area is not valid because you can not calculate the exact carpet area according to the formula.


How to Calculate Carpet Area?

Carpet area calculator-  Carpet Area = Sum of bedrooms area

+Living room area+ Toilets area+Balconies area

Built Up Area Vs Carpet Area:

Built up area is carpet area plus certifies by the authorities, such as area of inner and outer walls & balconies area etc…by the RERA.

Built up area calculator= Carpet area+ walls area+ balconies + corridor.

Carpet area is = Built up area- (External Walls+Corridor area)

Super Built Up Area vs Carpet Area:

Actually this question is very tough even RERA also can not define it properly.

According to RERA 10-15 % extra area will be added in Carpet areawhich is for common area like walls, staircase, shaft, lifts, club and other amenities.

But this is not true, actual super area is that area which has some part of all open area levied on all apartments, all open area means is that plot size-built up area.

The actual area that you got from plot area – built up area on ground floor, then what you get the area this whole area levied on each apartment that is the fact.

The Super Built up area = built up area + external walls+shaft+stairs case + lifts+ common amenities area club etc..

The carpet area= super built up area- (shaft area+lifts area+stair case+lift area+common amenities area)

Frequently asked questions:

What is carpet area?

Ans: Super area-25% is the carpet area.

What is the super area?

Ans: Super area is a sealable area that a buyer have to pay on this area and it is include carpet area + external walls, shaft, lifts, stairs and common facility area like club and pool etc..

Should i pay built up area or carpet area?

Ans: You have to pay on built up area.

How do you calculate built up area from carpet area?

Ans: to calculate built up area from carpet area you have to add external walls area and shaft area.

Is terrace included in built up area?

Ans: No, the terrace area is not included in built up area.

Does built up area included all the floors?

Ans: No, the all floors not included in built up area.

What is a built up area of 2 storey house?

Ans: The built up area of a 2 storey house is Plot size X2 – 20% of plot area, the 10% open space is mandatory from your plot size so it is 2 storey so double open space counted.

Is bathroom part of a carpet area.

Ans: Yes, bathroom is a part of carpet area.

Is staircase included in built-up area?

Ans: No, staircase is not included in built up area.

Is built up area included parking?

Ans: No, parking is not included in built up area it is a part of super built up area.

How is carpet area define?

Ans: Carpet area is sum of bedrooms size+toilets +  living area + kitchen area.

Does RERA carpet area include walls thickness?

Ans: Yes only inner walls thickness included.

Is Terrace included in carpet area?

Ans: No, Terrace is not included in carpet area.

How is RERA carpet calculated?

Ans: 70% of super built up area is the carpet area by RERA.

What is difference between built up are and super built up area?

Ans: Super built up area is = built up area+ staircase+shaft+lifts+parking+club and pool.

Can a builder charge on super built up area?

Ans: No, as per RERA builer can sale only RERA carpet area.

What is saleable area of a flat as per RERA?

Ans: As per RERA Saleable area is carpet area.

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